Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the UK on February 14th. It is a celebration of love between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends and sometimes just friends together! We celebrate Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways, and it is often celebrated by people whether they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or not!
Here are some of the ways in which Valentine’s Day is celebrated in England.
Many people send and receive cards from their loved ones. Cards are usually sent from boyfriends to girlfriends, and sometimes also to someone who is too shy to tell someone of their feelings! However, cards are not just sent between boyfriends and girlfriends or husbands and wives, they are also sent from mums to sons and from friends to friends.
Often, you can find love poems written inside a Valentine’s card. You can buy cards with a poem already written inside, or some people make them up to describe the special love between them and their partner. Poems are often used to express love.
As well as cards, people often send and receive gifts from their loved ones. Traditionally, flowers (especially red roses) and chocolates are favourite gifts. However, recently, teddy bears have become a popular gift from boys to girls, and balloons, too, are seen everywhere on Valentine’s Day!